VIDEO making course

Do you need make a great presentation video about yourself or your business?

Or just make more interesting or funny content for your social sites?

 Do you think it is difficult to make a video what looks like made by professional filmmakers?
Oh, don´t worry! It is very easy actually. You just need to keep in your mind some basic rules and take some practices.

I will be happy to help you with that!

Just let´s watch this video How is sometimes difficult to make a easy video and how you can make a video story from ´nothing´:
And also here is the successful video and one of lots of way how you can make easy video for your social sites:
This course I created with focus on needs aspirating Youtubers  and people they need to make a short videos for communication with their client or audience.
It is great compromise between classic film making and journalist news making style what I studied on the College of Journalism in my TV reportage and document making and later took as an experience in the media.
You can learn a basic rules and tips of video making – the basic principles of storytelling by picture, knowledge about moves and angles of camera, video editing and also publishing.


  • 12 amazing lessons of  MAKING COURSE
  • 12 homework of  MAKING COURSE
  • 12 consultation with a lecturer (on-line via course form, email or Skype – it depend on you)
  • CERTIFICATE when you completed the course which can help you in your career as well
  • 50% discount for every else consultation for your project in the future!



  • Your smart mobile with camera (you don´t need your DSLR camera or extra camera, you can but it is not necessary to got it)
  • Program for editing video (don´t worry – there is lots of free programs and apps, even for your phone)
  • Passion for discovering new things
  • Be keen about telling a story

VIDEO making course LESSONS


  1. Creative Storytelling by camera: How and where you can find out short story for filming
  2. Write your first easy screenplay for your short mobile camera story and chose the style of reportage or talking
  3. A diferent size of camera: How you can tell a story by best way (basic camera techniques)
  4. Main characters in your story: Don´t forget the plot even in short video
  5. Moves of camera: What everything you can do it with your camera to make your video more interesting and gorgeous!
  6. How you can get a guest for your video (including not expecting guest on the street!)
  7. What about a different angle of camera? You will be keen about that! You can easy change the atmosphere of entire footage
  8. How to edit video – download, the technique issues and rules of right cut
  9. How to make an interview with your guest to make it useful for your social sites audience
  10. We are editing video – editing sound, the titles
  11. The final cut and publishing video on the social sites
  12. How to make a life stream on your social sites and when is it great and when is better not to do it

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