Let´s start to tell a story by your camera!

Would you like to make a great pictures with your mobile using the same method as professional photographers do?

It is photography your hobby or you need to make more interesting or funny content for your social sites for yourself or support your your business?

Do you think it is difficult to take the pictures what looks like made by professional photographers?
Oh, don´t worry! It is very easy actually. You just need to keep in your mind some basic rules and take some practices.

I AM happy to help you with that!

Just let´s watch this video How is sometimes difficult to make a easy video and how you can make a video story from ´nothing´:

You can learn taking a great pictures on the public places – as we usually do – museums, squares, galleries, etc.

Doesn´t matter if you would like be a professional, get the more followers on your social sites for your business or just would like improve your skills for hobby… Do a great pictures is a great options for you any time!
This course is focused on Reportage Photos, Portrait, but taking a pictures in the studio as well. The basic of right composition – what is a golden rule and how works it, how you can choice the story what you would like tell through your pictures. How you can find out interesting point of view or your picture and makes it more interesting. Which of size of shots will be for your aims the right and how you can use them. Work with a light – which is the most important point in the photography (and filming as well).

You will learn the slang of filmakers.



  • 12 amazing lessons of  MAKING COURSE
  • 12 homework of  MAKING COURSE
  • 12 consultation with a lecturer (on-line via course form, email or Skype – it depend on you)
  • CERTIFICATE when you completed the course which can help you in your career as well
  • 50% discount for every else consultation for your project in the future or additional in course!


  • Your smart mobile with camera (you don´t need your DSLR camera or extra camera, you can but it is not necessary to got it)
  • Program for editing photo (don´t worry – there is lots of free programs and apps, even for your phone)
  • Passion for discovering new things
  • Be keen about telling a story by pictures


PHOTOGRAPHY course Lessons:

  1. Storytelling: How you can find out a story for photography
  2. Storytelling by picture: How you can tell it by your camera in pictures
  3. Size of pictures
  4. Golden ratio: the secret of an amazing composition!
  5. Angle of camera whose makes your picture special ones!
  6. Background of your pictures: How you can make an atmosphere and manipulate with emotion and build your photo and video story
  7. The kinds of photography and how to do they the best way (Reportage, Portrait, Macro and Landscape): Focused on Reportage / event photo
  8. Focused on Portrait / Close up – and how to make a great pictures of item to sell online or the great picture of your lovely belongings stuff or flowers
  9. Focused on Landscape / Architecture
  10. Put emphasis on the shape! The magic of Black & White pictures and videos: We will try how this effect work with your camera
  11. LIGHT: Your best friend in the photography (What does White Balance and ISO mean and how can help us) – some trick and tips
  12. Most common mistakes whose we do in photo and how to avoid them




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