Tip for you: Manage your photo&video adventure into history for your friends or family


Taking pictures or making a short movie are just two ways how you can tell your story. These are only the tools. What do you need for telling your story? The first one is some inspiration idea – people, situation or place. I have for you great tip. There is an amazing one to attend place full of inspiration of history and of earth: The Museum of Natural History in London. Here you can find the dinosaurs, simulator of earth quake and many interesting things and the people who are coming to this museum to admire all of them.

So If you have no idea where you can take your photo or video lessons exercises and you are not in London to join to us, just look around yourself and don´t hesitate and let go to the nearest museum. You can take your friends or family with you – as your actors  or ´walk in´ people on your pictures or in your movie and manage the creative afternoon for all and enjoy it!



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